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Cherita Banton has always had a passion for writing, from making up songs and creating short stories as a child, to covering professional, collegiate and high school basketball for the Chicago Daily Defender newspaper. She is an award-winning poet and published writer. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Cherita received her undergraduate degree in Communication, with an English minor, from DePaul University in Chicago and went on to obtain a Master of Arts in Writing also from DePaul University.

Today, Cherita is the author of a poetry collection, “For People I Know: Poems of Inspiration,” and a children’s picture book, “I Am: A-Z Poetic Confessions for Kids.” An avid reader of Christian Fiction, she is currently working on her first Christian Fiction novel, “Broken Dreams,” where she fuses her gift of writing with her life-long passion for basketball…Read More

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Books and Workshops by Cherita Banton

I Am: A-Z Poetic Confessions for Kids

I Am is a book of poetic statements that children can begin confessing now. As they mature, they will build the confidence needed to face life’s challenges. Children are a blessing from the Lord. As Psalms 139:14 says, they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Unfortunately, they are not always reminded of this truth. Instead, they are often surrounded by negative images, words and actions. With the help of this book, if a child hears, “you are ugly,” quickly, they can refute those negative words by thinking, or even saying out loud, the confessions: “I am cute,” or “I am unique.”

Whether negative or positive, children will eventually believe what they hear and say most often. Let’s start building up the positive in our children, leaving no room for the negative. “I Am: A-Z Poetic Confessions for Kids,” is a giant step in that direction. They can say the positive confessions in this book over and over again. It is written for children to help build confidence, self-esteem, and excitement about life, enabling them to grow to their fullest potential.
Price: $14.95

For People I Know: Poems of Inspiration

I know someone who’s lost a child. I know someone who’s died of cancer. I know someone who’s struggled with their finances, pressed their way through college, fought to save a marriage. I know someone who felt as if every time they made progress, something happened that knocked them back down further than they were. I also know someone who’s in love, someone who overcame an addiction, someone who succeeded against all odds.

For People I Know: Poems of Inspiration is a collection of poems dedicated to those people, and the people in the world that are just like them; to help ease the pain, work through the challenges and celebrate the victories.
Price: $12.00

The Gifted Writer Workshop

Cherita Banton believes that everyone has a gift! That God created each and every one of us with special gifts and talents, and without inspiration and encouragement, some people may never realize what those gifts and talents are. In 2011, she started a children’s creative writing program called Child-Like Faith. The sessions were comprised of creative activities, reading poetry and short stories, and writing poetry and short stories. She also invited guest speakers, from different walks of life, to encourage the children to think outside of the box. She wanted to expose them to different areas and fields that they normally would not have access to. The mission of Child-Like Faith was Opening Eyes…One Line at a Time. Read More

Two Hour Writing Workshop with Materials (excluding travel expenses). Cost: $250.00


Signature Poetry

Want to see your memories creatively enhanced into poetry? Cherita Banton’s Customized Signature Poems help you create your unique story for that special person or event in your life.

Signature Poems are customized to feature the honoree’s name spelled diagonally through the poem. Not only will they receive a rare, one of a kind poem written for and about them, but they will also have a fine piece of poetry that eloquently displays their name; a treasured gift that will last forever.

To order, please complete the following questionnaire. For best results, be as detailed as possible. All information collected may not be used in the actual poem. This information is used to get a better understanding of the honoree for the creation of the poem. Please feel free to use question 13 to specify details that MUST appear in the poem.
Cost: $100.00

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