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Cherita Banton believes that everyone has a gift! That God created each and every one of us with special gifts and talents, and without inspiration and encouragement, some people may never realize what those gifts and talents are. In 2011, she started a children’s creative writing program called Child-Like Faith. The sessions were comprised of creative activities, reading poetry and short stories, and writing poetry and short stories. She also invited guest speakers, from different walks of life, to encourage the children to think outside of the box. She wanted to expose them to different areas and fields that they normally would not have access to.

The mission of Child-Like Faith was Opening Eyes…One Line at a Time. She believed that their eyes could be opened by a line from a poem that they read, a line from a short story that they read, or a line from a message heard from one of the guest speakers. As a result of the Child-Like Faith sessions, students showed signs of developed reading and writing skills, improved confidence and self-esteem, as well as were introduced to new ideas, concepts and potential career paths.

After much positive feedback on the success of Child-Like Faith, and expressed interest from adults, Cherita created The Gifted Writer Workshops. Similar to Child-Like Faith, but now designed for both children and adults, The Gifted Writer Workshops encourages reading and writing on all levels, helps individuals improve spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically, and helps them open their eyes to the vision and purpose that God has for their lives. The workshops are not just designed for those interested in writing, but uses writing as a tool to tap into the visions and dreams that may be locked on the inside.

The Gifted Writer Workshops include:

Creative Activities
Reading Selections
Writing Prompts
Guest Speakers
Vision Binders

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